Talking Lakes Ignite with Studio MUTT… creators of Ordnance Pavilion

ORDNANCE PAVILION by Studio MUTT Ordnance Pavilion by Studio MUTT for Lakes Ignite Ordnance Pavilion by Studio MUTT on the Langdale Estate, behind Wainwrights' Inn, for Lakes Ignite James Crawford of Studio MUTT with Ordnance Pavilion on the Langdale Estate for Lakes Ignite Ordnance Pavilion taking shape on the Langdale Estate for Lakes Ignite 2018 Studio MUTT's Ordnance Pavilion taking shape

Introducing Studio MUTT… an architecture, art and design practice based in London and Liverpool. The Studio MUTT collective is James Crawford, Graham Burn and Alex Turner. The underlying aim of the studio is to develop an alternative form of architectural practice: we enjoy working on the fringes of architectural culture, intersecting with other disciplines, blurring boundaries and collaborating with different fields.

What will you be creating for Lakes Ignite 2018?

The Ordnance Pavilion, a monument to the Ordnance Survey and the retriangulation of Britain between 1935 and 1962.

Sounds interesting… tell us more about your artwork

The piece will be an interactive and semi inhabitable sculpture. We’re really interested in the almost absurd and laborious process that people went through when remeasuring the landscape over roughly 30 years. Something that seems completely alien in our GPS navigated world of today.

Our Lakes Ignite monument – Ordnance Pavilion – presents different ‘scenes’ or ‘characters’ from this tremendous show of human effort.

What are the connections between your artwork for Lakes Ignite and the Lake District as a World Heritage cultural landscape? 

Ordnance Pavilion celebrates the world heritage landscape through the lens of the OS Map. As an artefact the OS map data is perfectly ordinary. But it has been a conduit for our human relationship with the landscape in many ways – its geographical conditions as well as the man-made constructions across it.

Ordnance Pavilion celebrates the world heritage landscape through the lens of the OS Map.

The piece is a synthesising and recombining of recognisable forms that you may come across in the Lake District. Two inhabitable spaces within the piece act as single person art galleries, one displaying the measured and the other exploring the act of measuring.

Where will people be able to see your artwork?

The Ordnance Pavilion sits in a quarry – a man-made landscape, between the old slate slag heap and a tarn, behind Wainwrights’ Inn on the Langdale Estate.

And when can people visit?

From 27 January to August 2018, along with an online repository.

And a few questions about the Lake District… What makes the Lakes a special place for you?

The unique mixture of raw, rugged and traditional postcard beauty in the landscape. As well as the contradictory nature of it. It’s a seemingly natural beauty, but much of it has been man-made through the industry that once inhabited the area. In some areas, it’s very much a post-industrial type of place.

During a visit to the Lake District what would be your 3 fave cultural hot spots or events? 

Ideally, a trip on one of the Ullswater Steamers with some Kendal Mint Cake and a Cumberland sausage.

If you could choose your one favourite view in the Lakes, where would it be?

The views from the top of Kirkstone Pass are fantastic all year round, but we are partial to the view of a pub on a countryside walk.

See more of Studio MUTT’s work at
Instagram: @studiomutt
Twitter: @studio_mutt

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Behind Wainwrights’ Inn, Langdale Estate near Ambleside, until August

Located in the Langdale Valley, between the villages of Elterwater and Chapel Stile, the Langdale Estate is surrounded by some of the finest Lake District scenery. Find the Ordnance Pavilion behind Wainwrights’ Inn, a traditional Lakeland pub that is popular with locals and walkers alike, and try their special Lakes Ignite ale. Why not take your Lakes Ignite break in style by staying at The Langdale Hotel and Spa, a luxury four-star hotel just a five minute walk away from the Ordnance Pavilion.

Wainwrights’ Inn: Chapel Stile, Ambleside, LA22 9JD

James Crawford of Studio MUTT with Ordnance Pavilion on the Langdale Estate for Lakes Ignite 2018
James Crawford of Studio MUTT with Ordnance Pavilion on the Langdale Estate for Lakes Ignite 2018

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Lakes Ignite 2018 presents six specially commissioned contemporary artworks to celebrate the Lake District’s designation as a World Heritage site. From January to July 2018, six artists are bringing their creative vision to the Lakes in a unique collection of artworks that are free to visit and explore.

A celebration of contemporary art in a World Heritage landscape

Each installation provides a different perspective on our World Heritage story using very different media including metal, wood, mirrors, inflatables, performance and virtual reality. So, whether you’re 8 or 80, come and spark your imagination in 2018 and experience art in our celebrated Lake District landscape.

Tell us what you think about Lakes Ignite and be entered into a draw to win a hamper of Cumbrian goodies courtesy of Rheged!

Lakes Ignite 2018 – Festival Map
Lakes Ignite 2018 – Festival Map